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Join Us!

Black Business Brunch

Join us for our

Community, Not Competition

Black Business Brunch where we'll meet and engage with new and established business owners located throughout the DMV.


You have already accepted our invitation to experience the inaugural brunch where we celebrate, uplift and support one another! Now, see what's next!


Please arrive at noon, with business cards (if you have them) and ready to enjoy the entire experience as we eat, drink, converse and build! Be sure to wear your masks (they are mandatory), come dressed representing your brand's best as photo and video footage will be captured of our brunch!


Street, metered and garage parking are all within a short distance of Bond Street Social.


We are truly excited to share in this experience with you all and look forward to seeing you all there!! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Monica R. Maith @ The MRM Show >>

Nicole Roberson @ The Nicole Florence Agency >>

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